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Amsterdam is better known for its barges and bikes than car-friendly streets. Motoring journalist Victoria MacMillan Bell travelled to the Netherlands, the home of Royal Dutch Shell.


Barcelona, prepare to reveal your night-time secrets. We sent journalist Jane Cloete to the midnight streets of the Catalan capital to find a secret circuit.


Once divided, Berlin is now a vibrant modern metropolis combining old and new. Automotive journalist James Mills went to check out the sights.


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The classic city of Bruges is known for its tiny lanes and pedestrian zones. So how exactly was motoring journalist Luke Ponsford supposed to find a cracking circuit?


Spain’s capital is a bustling city where sleep takes a distant second to partying. Despite this, we sent motoring journalist James Mills in search of another secret circuit.


We sent motoring journalist Robert Puyal to the City of Light on a midnight search for a Secret Circuit.


The sights and sounds of Marrakech by night only truly come to life when you travel by two wheels. Gary Inman swings a leg over his motorcycle and heads into the madness.


We sent motoring journalist Daniel Ford off to the Czech capital, tasked with navigating its medieval, narrow city roads in search of a Secret Circuit.


We sent Italian motoring journalist Giuliano Pavone to his nations capital, Rome, in search of a Secret Circuit.

San Francisco

We sent motoring journalist Pat Devereux on a tour of San Francisco, the city immortalised in Bullitt, the 1968 movie starring king of cool, Steve McQueen.


Driving through the capital of the world’s most technologically advanced nation is unlike anything else on earth. Motoring journalist Nik Berg guides us through Tokyo on its most famous road.


With a booming economy and national pride at an all-time high, Poland’s star is on the rise. We sent local journalist Maciej Pertynski on a night prowl of the capital, Warsaw. He rediscovered a city that has come of age.