There's something soothing about taking a moment out of your hectic schedule to unwind and enjoy a good meal and a simple treat. Convenience stores have recently become the perfect locations for individuals to freely converse, read, interact, relax, and even hold comfortable family reunions to relieve the stress of their everyday lives.

Taking this into account, Shell, one of the world's leading and most trusted Fuel retail outlets, has initiated the Shell "take a break" campaign to provide our valued customers with an escape from their hustle with a different vibe and tasty food to re-energize them for the rest of the journey.

With Shell stations located at the right places, and with our partnership with Quick Service Restaurants, we are providing more than simply a place to fill your tanks but also an environment suited for taking breaks to meet, rest, have nice meals and snacks, hang out, socialize, and do more.

Besides these, the Shell "take a break" campaign has more perks to offer, taking into account the thoughts of our esteemed customers. Among these benefits are:

  • Availability of high-quality food and beverages through well-known bakery brands to keep you re-energized enough after a long day’s work.
  • While you're unwinding and enjoying a delicious meal, your vehicle's needs, such as a car wash, oil change, and engine check, are also met.
  • Relaxing with a clear mind, knowing that your vehicle is being parked in a secure and safe place under proper supervision and care.
  • Reconnecting with your family, friends and loved ones ensuring stronger bonds.
  • In the middle of or after a long trip, you need to take a break, relax and reset before continuing. Shell is providing just the appropriate amount of relaxation to help you safely complete your journey.

There is usually some extra energy after meeting new people, conversing with strangers, and engaging in meaningful conversations. This is not something that many people have time to do in their regular day-to-day lives due to their busy schedules, so whenever there is a moment to sit, whether it is a planned date with friends or alone, it comes with a greater sense of connection, joy and relief from the reality of life's struggles.

This is what Shell represents. Spreading joy, happiness, and positivity not just through our fuels, but also by ensuring the well-being of our drivers.

More in Shell Service Stations

On The Forecourt

You can always count on Shell for convenience, quality and peace of mind for you and your motor.

Inside Our Stores

We’re much more than just a place to fill up at the pumps. In-store, offer a wide range of products, services and partnerships that make us the perfect place to shop, too. From freshly made food and drinks, to relaxing spaces and sparkling toilets – we’ve got it all covered. 

Service Bay

Keep your motor running right with the help of our friendly mechanics. While you relax they can speedily and skillfully perform oil changes, free preventative checks and fluid top-ups. We also offer free safety checks and more for bike riders

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Referesh with our beverages to stay hydrated.

Snacks And Treats

Welcome bakery offers you freshly baked in-store pastries, cookies and other sweet treats like ice-cream.

Get A Helping Hand

As our guest at Shell, when you need a little help to get back on the road, our qualified staff are always there for you.