Shell Prepaid Card is a secure debit card used at Shell station point-of-sale terminals to make payments instead of cash.

The introduction of the card is amazing news for individuals and companies with a fleet of cars. Here are some of the features that make the Shell Card a must-have for customers: e-statements that are generated each time a purchase is made, Real-time top-up of cards at any time of the day by the click of a button through the Expresspay platform ( or the expresspay mobile apps on IOS or android) through mobile money and Visa/MasterCard, Guaranteed security.

For businesses, Shell Card provides the opportunity to monitor details such as the date and time of purchase, station, number of litres purchased, as well as the value for each transaction, which may also be compiled into a monthly report to provide a comprehensive overview.

The Shell Prepaid Card also comes with these additional features.

  • Vehicle Tags (RFID stickers) posted on the inside of a vehicle’s windscreen to ensure that a vehicle authorized for a Shell PrePaid Card is physically present when a purchase is made with that card.
  • Driver Tags work in the same way as vehicle tags, but instead of a sticker, the driver tag is a keyring that is given to an authorized driver and requires that driver be present when a purchase is made with their assigned Shell Card.
  • Tank Capacity Limit is a set quantity of litres that is equal to the maximum tank capacity of a vehicle that a Shell Card is being issued for. When a card is used to buy more fuel than the tank capacity limit of the authorized vehicle, that purchase will be rejected at the point-of-sale terminal.
  • The Mileage Check feature generates a consumption efficiency report based on vehicle mileage/odometer readings taken when fuel purchases are made.
  • The Regional and Station Restriction feature allows cards to be used only in certain areas.
  • Email alerts and SMS alerts.
  • A Confidential PIN Code that is customizable by each customer.
  • An Online Portal for account management and card top-ups.
  • With the use of the Shell Prepaid Card also comes access to Shell’s Customer Service team for swift handling of any card issues.

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