Rimula R3 Turbo is designed to protect your engine and helping you work hard.

Your truck is an investment: use Shell Rimula R3 Turbo to ensure that you always reach your destination.

You work daily to get closer to your dreams. With every journey that your truck takes, you’re a step closer to your goals. Shell Rimula R3 Turbo empowers you to achieve this by providing reliable quality protection that you can trust, for your engine.

We understand that for the everyday trucker, days are spent on the road, away from family and loved ones. You work hard because you have your eyes on the road and your family in mind. Shell Rimula R3 Turbo is the engine oil that works as hard as you, not just to protect your engine, but to get you to your destination.

As a mechanic, customer loyalty is the heart of your business. When you need heavy-duty engine oil, choose Shell Rimula R3 Turbo to guarantee a long-lasting customer relationship.

Shell Rimula offers dynamic protection which helps fight acid and deposit build-up—the agents of corrosion and wear.

As a fleet manager, your focus is on the big picture. Shell Rimula R3 Turbo brings out efficient performance from your vehicles, keeping critical engine components working properly, and preventing those day-to-day mechanical nuisances that distract you from your vision.