New Shell fuels

DYNAFLEX Technology is the name for our latest generation of advanced formulations for new Shell V-Power Unleaded, Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel fuels.

Shell is constantly evolving its fuel products to suit both modern engine innovations as well as the more traditional engine technologies.1 New Shell fuels with DYNAFLEX technology have been designed to help clean and protect key components2 in your engine. These new Shell fuels are now available at all Shell service stations in Ghana.

What is DYNAFLEX Technology and what does it do for your engine?

The latest generation of advanced gasoline and diesel fuel formulations have been designed with your engine’s efficiency in mind. These new fuels contain powerful cleaning agents to keep fuel system components clean. For you, clean components mean an efficient and smooth engine running.

When you think of Shell fuels with DYNAFLEX Technology, think of a clean and protected engine, no matter what you drive. There’s a DYNAFLEX formulation in each fuel type with each one geared towards addressing specific engine needs.

Click HERE to learn more about the new Shell FuelSave Diesel, Shell FuelSave Unleaded and premium Shell V-Power Unleaded.

Our customers will have the opportunity to engage with our teams at Shell service stations nationwide and learn more about the efficiency that DYNAFLEX Technology is bringing to their engines.


1 Actual effects and benefits may vary according to engine type, engine condition and driving style. No guarantees provided.
2 Helps to clean and protect key fuel system components such as intake valves and/or fuel injectors from the build-up of performance-robbing deposits. Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle condition and driving style. No guarantees provided.

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