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Shell V-Power Gasoline

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More Power

Shell V-Power is an advanced 95 octane unleaded petrol, which can help give you more power than lower octane petrol’s currently available in Ghana. Infact, many cars on the road in Ghana today are developed to run best on a 95 octane fuel. Check your car handbook for the recommended octane.


More responsiveness

Shell V-Power is designed to prevent power robbing deposits forming on the valves and injection systems. In addition Shell V-Power is formulated to help clean up existing deposits, enhancing the responsiveness of your engine. Using Shell V-Power can help keep a new car performing like new for longer and can help rejuvenate older cars.


More Protection

Shell V-Power is an advanced, metal free, unleaded fuel designed to help protect your engine from corrosion by forming a protective layer over vital engine parts. Furthermore, Shell V-Power meets the strict Euro IV fuel specification.

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